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After choosing to forsake all and be with the man she loves, Janelle begins to navigate her life with the realization that bringing Outlaw into her life will ensure that nothing will ever be the same and her future will be anything but what she expected it to be. But did she ever expect for everything to continue as usual being that she is an assistant district attorney who fell for the most dangerous and unpredictable of the Murray brothers? And would Outlaw really have it any other way?

Carmella is stuck in a situation she doesn't want to be in when the harmless photos she thought she was taking in order to fluff up her bank account end up being part of a major marketing push for the type of 'flicks' she never would have wanted to be placed in. With her face all over the nation as a triple X company's next major star, Carmella falls back on old habits in order to cope. But with her life spiraling out of control, will Cree decide to stick it out with her and help pull her through or will he abandon her when she needs him most?

Sidney is hit with the reality of how big, or stupid, Yolo's heart is when he brings LaTrese into his home in order to care for her while he seeks revenge on the man who abused her. But Sidney's suspicions tell her that LaTrese's story doesn't add up and there is something else hiding beneath the surface. Will she find out about the secrets that LaTrese is hiding? And when she does... will Yolo understand that the woman he once loved may actually be the enemy he never saw coming?

August 31
Sullivan Group Publishing, LLC
Ingram DV LLC

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