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The second installment of the Banged by my Billionaire Bosses Bundle contains three sizzling-hot stories of workplace seduction, gorgeous men, and double penetration. This raunchy collection of rough sex features cuckold fantasies, sex in public places, voyuerism, and beautful, powerful men!

Contains over 18,000 words of the following stories:

1. Stuck in Traffic

Kaley Laine has always been intimidated by the billionaire partners of the Pyre and Rockwell law firm, so when she's invited along for a private limo ride with the her two gorgeous bosses, she's not sure how to say no.  Not that either of  these men are used to taking 'no' for an answer...

When rush hour traffic leads to a gridlock, things quickly get steamy as the two men turn their attentions to their captive (and willing) prey... all while the downtown crowd looks on.

2. Cornered in the Stairwell

When Melinda sneaks off for a short break at work, she finds herself cornered in the stairwell by James and Mark, the rich, handsome bankers for whom she works. She quickly discovers there's no escape from their attentions, as the dominant, powerful men set their sights on the vulnerable young employee. Before long she'll learn what happens to employees that are caught being naughty on company time!

3. Corporate Retreat Cheat

Young Casey can't seem to get the billionaire brothers Derek and Brandon out of her head - even when things get steamy between her and her loving husband, Rick. When her powerful and handsome bosses invite her along on a corporate retreat, things quickly spiral out of control as sexual tension and hidden desire flare between Casey and the two older men. But will Casey succumbs to her passions? And will Rick find out what is passing between them?

Fiction & Literature
March 7
Sage Reamen
Draft2Digital, LLC

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