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Superstar writer Ed Brubaker (CATWOMAN, GOTHAM CENTRAL) teams with artist Doug Mahnke (FINAL CRISIS, GREEN LANTERN) to tell the tale of Batman's first battle against his greatest enemy: The Joker!

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March 3
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Cyclyce ,


Before I start the review, I should let you know that this is the version of "The Man Who Laughs" to buy. Currently, this version is worth $3.99 CAD while the other version is $11.99 CAD. The cheaper version contains the entire Man Who Laughs story, while the other contains the full contents of this book, as well as a USELESS story that has NOTHING to do with "The Man Who Laughs". So why not pay less than half the price and still get the whole story you actually wanted? Seems like a no brainer. On with the review.

"The Man Who Laughs" is a story that calls back to Batman's mystery-solving roots, as well as containing lots of very well illustrated action and well written suspense. A pseudo-follow up to "Year One", you should be aware that Batman and Joker have never met in the story, so you don't get as much of that yin/yang, love/hate relationship they have (although there is still a little). The camraderie and dialogue between Batman and Jim Gordon is as great as ever,though, as both characters nearly play an equal part in the story. Ed Brubaker Nails all the characters' personalities, and Doug Mahnke brings a certain flair and colour to Gotham in his art. The book has a surprisingly colourful pallette, and the story itself is less darker than other recent Batman titles. The book is easy to digest for casual fans (you don't have to read anything leading up to "The Man Who Laughs", the whole story starts and ends in the same book), but can be a really awesome look into the start of Batman and Joker's relationship for dedicated fans.
Pick up "The Man Who Laughs" if you have a bit of time to read a quick but enthralling Batman mystery.

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