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One of the most widely used assessments of infants and toddlers, the BAYLEY-III measures the major areas of development including cognitive, language, motor, social-emotional, and adaptive functioning. This book provides an introduction into use of the BAYLEY-III in each of these five areas. For each of these areas, individual chapters cover the relevant test content, administration, scoring, interpretation, strengths / concerns, and uses in clinical populations. Each chapter also includes a real life case study demonstrating typical performance of a child with delays one of the five areas of development. The book concludes with a special chapter on procedures for brief neurodevelopmental screening of infants in pediatric settings. Covering all major areas of development, the book is informative for a wide range of professionals who use the BAYLEY-III to evaluate development of infants and toddlers from multiple perspectives including psychology, speech and language, and occupational/physical therapy.
Provides an overview of the theoretical background and structure of BAYLEY-III written by the lead Research DirectorIntroduces practitioners to the test content in each of the five major areas of child development covered by the BAYLEY-III: cognitive, language, motor, social-emotional, and adaptive functioningReaders will learn how to competently administer, score, and interpret each of the five scales in the BAYLEY-IIIExplains the strengths and limitations of the test in each of the five areas it measuresInstructs readers on uses of the test in specific clinical populationsIncludes five case studies showing typical patterns of children delayed in one of the five areas of developmentConcludes with a special chapter on neurodevelopmental screening procedures in pediatric settings

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July 19
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