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What do Taylor Swift, Cognitive Psychology, Gucci Mane, Dissent, and The Most Dangerous Person Alive have in common? The answer is the “Hater Mindset”. In “Be A Hater” Dr. Parham examines the emergence of the “Hater Mindset” in contemporary culture. This book delves into a subtle and subconscious cultural shift in the concept of a “hater”. The shift from viewing a “hater” as someone trying to hold you back or stop you from succeeding, to viewing a “hater” as anyone who disagrees or dissents from your opinion. This shift while subtle has strong implications for critical thinking, the value of relationships, an individual’s happiness, cognitive entitlement, and more. In “Be A Hater” Dr. Parham brings this subconscious shift to the surface and equips the reader to counter its effects by challenging them to “Be A Hater!”

What People are Saying about BE A HATER:

I’m a Hater, Too! Right book. Right time. “Be A Hater” makes us think about how we handle dissent and why it is imperative for us to engage with those who hold differing points of view. Dr. Parham offers a new twist on an old idea, a point of view that is desperately needed in today’s culture. (Plus, how could I resist reading how Taylor Swift is “the most dangerous person in the world.”)
Sarah Morris
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Strategic Marketing and Communications
University of Missouri – Kansas City
This book is not only entertaining, but also educates the reader in an incredibly unique voice. It is immensely useful for helping generationally and ethnically diverse readers to develop better understandings of each other and enter into discourse that could bring about positive change for the community.
Dr. Robert McNichols, Jr.,
Assistant Professor of Music
Harris-Stowe State University
Dr. Parham shows how people's words turn into a mindset, and allow them to simply dismiss the responsibility of listening to, and considering, other points of view. The “Hater Mindset” infiltrates politics, media, etc., down to our personal relationships.
Sydney Beeler
Vice-President for Enrollment Management
Westmoreland Community College- Youngwood, PA

Health, Mind & Body
January 15
Wes Parham MBA Ph.D.
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