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“No Sir I-”
“Sir? I am not a sir! You entered a castle did you not?” He saw her eyes shut at the roaring sound of his voice.
Belle felt her words stick in her throat. This was getting worse by the second.
“Please, Your Grace, I did not mean to imply ..I just.... please may I see my Papa?” She was holding back the tears. She knew from his voice that he was unforgiving and uncaring. This person would only see her sign of emotion as a weakness. She didn't know how long she could keep up the charade.
“If I show him to you what do I get?”
“What do you mean?”
“Your Grace,” he corrected her.
“What do you mean, Your Grace,” She repeated.
He slowly descended the staircase and Belle felt a stone of dread enter her gut with every step he took towards her. This was more intense than Monsieur Loois' first encounter with her.
“What's in it for me?” He asked once more standing a few feet away from her now.
“What could I possibly give royalty?” She asked innocently.
For surely if he was Royalty he could pay to have the attention and affections of anyone he so desired.
“Yourself,” he paused for a few seconds then continued, “Completely.."

In this timeless Fairy Tale Classic, we are introduced to Acelin, an overindulged Prince and Belle, a maiden as beautiful as her name. Belle is a quiet obedient daughter whose life is entwined with Acelin's, who is now a deformed creature living in an enchanted kingdom. Belle has traded her freedom in exchange for her father's. Belle soon finds out that true freedom is one's ability to love and persevere against all odds.

Fiction & Literature
August 20
Jessica G.Rabbit
Smashwords, Inc.

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