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Python is an object-oriented programming. Its important philosophy is summarized by PEP 20. Like

  ◎ Beautiful is better than ugly.

  ◎ Explicit is better than implicit.

  ◎ Simple is better than complex.

  ◎ Complex is better than complicated.

  ◎ And so on....

The most important philosophy is "simple". So

  ◎ Keep it simple.

When you write a Python program, the only thing you should keep in mind is the above sentence. But what is the meaning of "simple"? It is a good question, right? Simply speaking, the simple is a style and a thinking. That is to say, you should uses a direct, obvious and effective way to design a software using Python in any case.

This e-book will take you to learn programming with Python. Just like the cover's image, I want to take you to go up the stairs step by step and you also learn programming with Python by this way, step by step. I think you should slow down and experience what you should know about programming.

There are three parts of this e-book.

  ◎ Part One - Basics

  ◎ Part Two - Software Development

  ◎ Part Three - GUI

Part One brings together all the basic skills about Python you need to know. Part Two introduces the basic knowledge about software development. Part Three designs a graphical user interface using Tk of the standard library.

The purpose of this e-book is an introduction about programming with Python. You may need two or three months to study this e-book.

The main reference of this e-book are the following web pages and books.

  ◎ Index of Python Enhancement Proposals

  ◎ The Python 2 Tutorial

  ◎ The Python 3.4 Tutorial

  ◎ Beginning Python: From Novice to Professional

  ◎ How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python, 2nd Edition (Using Python 2.x)

This e-book is no advertising and best for reading on any mobile platform. If you have bought this e-book, thanks for your donating and let me continue to write new tutorials for beginners of programming. Thank you very much.

*** Update Information ****

In addition to change the cover of the e-book, I have also revised grammar and spelling errors of the e-book.

Kaiching Chang



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January 20
Kaiching Chang
Kaiching Chang

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