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Being Uncle Charlie is the intense, intimate and graphic story of one Canadian undercover cop who spent two decades infiltrating organized crime. From Russian and Italian mafias to notorious biker gangs, Bob Deasy gained access to and the acceptance of criminals who most cops in any country would never encounter or arrest, let alone befriend.

Bob Deasy had an illustrious twenty-three year career with the Ontario Provincial Police. Using little more than his quick wits, natural confidence and a deft mental equilibrium that allowed him to stay three chess moves ahead of his quarry, Deasy was the secret weapon behind some of the signature crime busts in Canadian history. Infiltrating the Outlaws Motorcycle Club and the Russian and Italian mobs, he also single-handedly set up international import-export businesses, faked contract hit jobs and executed one of the largest drug buys in OPP history. He also perfected the now controversial "Mr. Big" technique of posing as a crime kingpin to solicit unwitting confessions from suspects in long-dormant cold murder cases--a tactic he defends as he practised it, and with which he enjoyed a 100% success rate.

Being Uncle Charlie
is a nail-biting ride--sometimes comic, always entertaining--that reads like a one-man history of modern crime, told through the ground-level, insider's perspective of a cop who was able to blend in with the unsavoury, the desperate and the diabolical.

December 31
Random House of Canada
Penguin Random House Canada

Customer Reviews

Nicehtydsfghvcdsrghj ,

Being Uncle Charlie looks like a must read

I have never bought a book online. This will be my first. Looking forward to reading about his undercover work. Edit. I read it. One 4.5 hour sitting. I read fast. I believe he left out a lot of sordid details. Amazing his cover wasn't blown. I would think in today's Internet world he could not of done this for so long. He was obviously completely immersed and in love with what he did. I enjoyed the book. I'll let a screenwriter meet with him and blow in some fiction. Great to see how many guys he put away. I don't care if Mr. big is controversial. Yes I received it early. I highly doubt this author will be doing a book signing tour. Enjoy your semi retirement. You deserve it. Love the K9 joke.

ericstampofapprovalest96 ,


Well written from start to end. Highly recommend for any police officers/ hoping to become an officer or simply interested in policing. Easy but interesting read.

CdnDude1 ,

Fantastic First-Hand Account.

Each one of the scenarios laid out in this book could be a story unto itself. The writers carefully extracted the best parts to narrow it down into one non-stop read. I couldn't put it down. A must-have for any non fiction collection.