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"You're right," said Bella Pearson, author of the Bella's Bedtime Tales series and other popular romance/erotica books. "You are absolutely right.  My given name is not Bella – it's Isabella. How dreadfully boring."

"Worse yet, my soccer mom friends call me Iz. That's not dreadfully boring – it's just dreadful!"

Welcome to the world according to Bella, the self-proclaimed "soccer mom with a twist."

Born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Bella had a childhood most of us only dream of.

"My childhood was a blast," she says. "I did everything anyone else did – school, part-time job when I was old enough, community college – but when it was time to play, I really lived the dream.  We surfed, we hiked, we swam, we boated. And when I say we, I mean me and alllllll those boys.  My goodness, were there boys.  I got along with the girls, but I really liked the boys.  The stories I could tell…"

Bella says there may have been a romance or two with some of those many boys, and some of her bedtime tales may or may not be based on one or more of those romances – she won't tell us for sure.

She does tell us about one of those romances, with Dane, which began in her twenties.

"Dane was just, well, a sweetheart, and those killer good looks swept me off my feet.  It didn't take long after I met him for us to become a hot item, the talk of the town.  Not too long after that, we got married.  We lived happily ever after. Except for the happily part – it wasn't actually all that happy. And except for the ever after part – it only lasted two years before we got divorced. "

"Truth is, you might guess what he was good at, but other than that he wasn't much of a husband.  Fortunately, he's a great father to our son Griffith, and he's really not half-bad as an ex-husband. He lives his life, I live mine, but we work together to give our son a good life."

Today, Bella still lives a lot of the dream. She still lives on Kauai.  There are only 70,000 people on the entire island, so she's rather not name her town. But it's close to where she grew up, allowing Griffith many of the same recreational opportunities she had as a child.

"Except the opposite sex," Bella says. "He's not quite at that age yet – but look out, world, when he does discover girls!"

When Bella was first approached by Shamrock Publications about writing fiction stories, the publisher immediately sensed she would be strong in fiction – particularly romance and erotica.

"You want me to write WHAT?" Bella asked her potential publisher, somewhat incredulously?

"I mean, sure, I had a pretty active romantic live, until I didn't. And I read romantic erotica all the time.  And I have a pretty vivid imagination about, well, you know. But how does that qualify me to write the stuff?"

Silly question, Bella.

She hit a home run with The Lost Stories, the first book of the Bella's Bedtime Tales series, which she is giving away to a few friends and family to introduce the rest of her "Tales."

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October 29
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