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Bent over for more than one man... Is there anything more incredible than the thought of two handsome men driving a beautiful woman crazy at the same time? Sure there is. When that lovely woman is completely inexperienced in the world of backdoor bliss, it’s as incredible as can be. DP Backhaus, the queen of hardcore anal sex erotica presents five scorching tales of first anal sex experiences, and each one comes with a double team bonus, a red-hot double penetration!

1. BENT OVER BY MY HUSBAND FOR ANOTHER MAN (A Double Team First Anal Sex Erotica Story)

Hank and Lily have had a hard time of things in this economy, but Lily is finally able to see hope. Their new marketing firm is growing slowly but surely, and they’re seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Who would have thought that tunnel would lead them to a crazy threesome! It does, though, and Lily is about to become a sex-crazed slut wife, to enter into the world of wife share sex, and to have her first anal sex right in the middle of an mmf double team sex encounter!

2. BENT OVER BETWEEN THE GUARDS (Double Penetration in the County Jail)

One reckless night and a DUI has put a lovely soccer mom in jail for thirty days. This MILF has no idea what to expect, and there are good reasons to be nervous. Jen is about to discover that life inside is a whole lot different. On the other hand, some things are just the same…like for example, when men see a lovely woman, they want her. When Jen realizes two guards are prepared to make life inside a little easier for her…or a whole lot harder; she determines to give whatever it takes to get through her sentence, and in this case, she’s giving a lot. She’ll give up her mouth, her dignity, and her virgin ass! It’s a scorching double penetration with her first ever anal sex, and the scariest thing about being in jail might just be how much she ends up enjoying it.

3. BENT OVER AT THE COLLEGE PARTY (A First Anal Sex Erotica Story with Double Penetration)

It’s been a long time, and all Tally wants is some casual sex to take the edge off. She’s determined that she’ll get just that when she goes to the party with her friend Janelle. What she didn’t expect was that there’d end up being four of them in the bed, and Janelle was more interested in her pussy than in either of the cocks. While she has her first lesbian experience, Tally will also take on two cocks at once for a scorching double penetration sex encounter complete with her first anal sex!

4. KELLY BENT OVER BY THE SOLDIERS (A First Anal Sex Erotica Story with Double Penetration)

Kelly misses her soldier man, and she’s excited to visit him for a weekend of love, lust, and fun. It’s so hard maintaining a long-distance relationship when you miss your man; but Kelly is willing to do anything to keep their love alive, and visiting his across the country once a month is just one of the ways she keeps the fire burning. She’s about to have far more lust and fun than she ever expected because Joe’s sexy roommate Nick wants in on the action, and before she knows it, Kelly will be right in the middle of a scorching double penetration sex encounter!

5. BENT OVER BY THE MASSAGE THERAPISTS (A First Anal Sex Double Penetration Erotica Story)

Claire’s job is stressful as hell, and it’s just been too long since she’s had a chance to really unwind. She hasn’t even had time for her weekly massage for over a month, so she’s really looking forward to spending some time on Greg’s sexy table. This time, the physical therapist turned masseuse has more for her than his magic hands. This time, she’s going to enjoy a really deep massage, with one man taking her in a scorching sex encounter while another has her tight, virgin ass!

Fiction & Literature
November 16
Naughty Daydreams Press
Smashwords, Inc.

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