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Beyond the Frame is a catalog of 100 selected paintings and collages with commentary by the artist.  It is divided into four parts, as follows:

               CHAPTER ONE:  25 Portraits of Alter-Natives

               CHAPTER TWO:  25 Unique American Shapes

               CHAPTER THREE:  25 Examples Showing How Light Quickens Matter

               CHAPTER FOUR: 25  Adventures of the Itinerant Painter

     In Chapter One, we explore “American Alter-natives,” a term I created to describe those who have sought an alternative American dream which is creatively eccentric.  They are my role models, and each is important because he or she found more in the American Ideal than a personal dream of material success.

     In Chapter Two, 25 symbols associated with the American story take on new and unexpected shapes.

    In Chapter Three, we explore how energy is released in an observer by a careful examination of the way  light contacts with matter, and how this contact gives the material world new vitality.  This chapter illustrates how Einstein's famous equation relates to the energy of painting as well as matter, for the energy of painting comes from how matter interacts with the speed of light...

     And, finally, in Chapter Four, we join the Itinerant Painter on his journey to find new visions on the road full of fresh twists and new turns.

     In short, the catalog shows four ways the artist has learned to see beyond the frame, for a painting’s frame always fails to contain all the uncontained painting has to offer.  Painting, always about process rather than product, recovers the original meaning of plastic, that is, turning the cheap, commonplace, knock-down item you might find in the dollar store into something capable of taking a multitude of unexpected shapes...

Arts & Entertainment
November 24
Parisburg Publishing
Walter R. Dolen

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