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Sunday, 18 October 2020, the Sunday before the final presidential contenders' debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump; marked the opening of access of the Iranian conventional weapons market to the arms dealerships of the many greatest Nations. Domestic U.S. arms manufacturing interests were necessarily barred from participating in the international event due to incumbent President Donald Trump's refusal to drop sanctions on Iran – sanctions which include prohibitions on U.S. arms dealers entering into sales contracts of that nature with the Islamic Republic.
Mr. Joe Biden; as Barack Obama's Vice President & one of the persons chiefly responsible for arranging this influx of weapons transfers to Iran; is all in favor of dropping Trump's Iran sanctions as a conciliatory gesture of rapprochement promoting both a softening of U.S. tone towards Iran after Trump's nightmarish unyielding stance towards Iran's theocratic regime; and domestic arms access to the newly reopened Iranian weapons market.
Over the last 5 years our Democratic Party luminaries have refused to discuss the ongoing (since Nov. 2016) UN sponsored influx into Iran of of, among the other weapons classes; ballistic missile associated goods, technologies & support services carried out under the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 2231; the authentic Security Council recognized version of Obama's Iran nuclear deal.
Permission to sell such to Iran is testified to in the very provisions of the Security Council resolution; & activities associated with those provisions are documented by Security Council 6-month progress reports. There is no more reliable source than those ongoing testimonials produced at 6 month intervals.
Given the facts; Obama's Iran weapons deal shows itself to be the obvious mechanism for special interests' war profiteering enrichment. & in the face of fact; proponents of the nuclear deal refusing to acknowledge the documentation, acting as if it doesn't exist; are simply unquestionably lying outright in the interest of promoting their own political careers clearly aligned with powerful domestic US arms manufacturing and financial speculative interests.
Biden refuses to publicly explain his strategy geared towards further undermining peace in the Middle East by introducing destabilizing amounts of novel weapons into the arsenals of that belligerent State Sponsor of international terrorism; the Islamic Republic of Iran. But those people over there are going to be fighting anyway, everybody knows it. Further inflaming rivalries; promoting fear and violence doesn't exactly entail following any naïve policy of non-interference. But if we don't sell our weapons to Iran; the Chinese and the Russians will sell theirs anyway. They're already doing it now.
The Obama administration had seen to that back in 2015 when Obama had his Iran nuclear deal passed through the Security Council. His deal did away with earlier Resolution 1929 under which all Parties agreed not to sell Iran weapons of war. Obama had the Russians and Chinese and everyone else instead agree to drop sanctions on weapons trading with Iran & before his tenure was out the first sales to Iran of ballistic missile associated assets were approved by the Security Council.
Trump's pulling the US out of the deal put a crimp on the profit sharing aspirations of the ambitious. Now everyone is selling to Iran except the U.S.; so spoil sport Trump must go to be replaced by someone more amenable to the consolidating this new steadily reliable source of profit intended for the benefit of the domestic U.S. arms industry.

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October 24
Jean-Marc Lebouquin
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