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Volume 52 needed some work because it landed on 8/23 of 2014, which is an important calendar date. It’s the death anniversary of [Redacted] who passed away on 8/23 of 2014. Normally, I would just keep going with the volumes, but this one needed to be worked on. Plus, it was important not to jumble up the news articles that happened prior to 8/23 of 2014 and what happened on 8/24 of 2014 and beyond. As usual, I recommend people just read the Elemental Chapters of Tellurium and skip the republished “Magical ME” chapters. Volume 52 is a continuation of Volume 51. It covers news articles from 8/17 of 2014 to 8/23 of 2014. It talks about Sunspot AR2149 on 8/21 of 2014. It cites the giant crack in Mexico that aligns with the movie “Ice Age.” It also discusses the movies “Road Trip,” “Mr. Deeds,” and “WALL-E.” Tellurium 1 is about the 20 runs during a Detroit Tigers game that links to Ferguson, Missouri published in Volume 51. Tellurium 2 is about the incident on 8/17 of 2014 between me and [Redacted] and how news articles reflecting the event surfaced between 8/17 of 2014 to 8/21 of 2014. Tellurium 3 is about the Sunspot AR2149 on 8/21 of 2014 when Hawaii became a state. Tellurium 4 is about “WALL-E” vs. the song “Runaround Sue” by Dion. Tellurium 5 is about the encrypted data in “Run-Around” by Blues Traveler. Tellurium 6 is about “Ice Age” linked to the giant crack seen in Mexico. Tellurium 7 is about Flight 93 regarding Tom Burnett from the 911 attacks. Tellurium 8 is about “Road Trip” starring DJ Qualls and clues embedded in the movie. Tellurium 9 is about Adverse Possession. Tellurium 10 is about the Ebola Virus regarding Sister [Redacted] referencing “White Wedding” by Billy Idol cited in Volume 51. Tellurium 11 is about Good White Blood Cells, Red Sun of Krypton, and Mr. Fantastic. Tellurium 12 is about the Psychology of Human Barbie indicating an information spike about the Barbie character. Tellurium 13 has a list of news articles that couldn’t be turned into chapters, but were still worth mentioning.

Health, Mind & Body
August 23
Rod Island
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