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Rafe Stoner is a tough, hard fighting, embittered former Navy SEAL. He makes a precarious living inside Afghanistan with a loss-making surplus machinery business. Although he earns his real money by other means. Stoner is a gun for hire, and business is brisk in the lawless country. Yet his life is going nowhere, and most everyone he was ever close to is dead, victims of the insurgent violence. He finds his comforts in booze and whores, and it is a life he increasingly despises. Until a miracle occurs.

His best friends, Greg and Faria Blum, invite him to be Godfather to their three children. Including the oldest, Ahmed Durani, a teenage boy to whom he owes a lot, including his life. At last, Stoner’s life if starting to turn around. Until Ahmed embarks for America, to attend college with a view to training to be a doctor. He arrives in Los Angeles, and disappears. Kidnapped, by person or persons unknown.

It is the start of a long and brutal hunt for Stoner and Greg Blum to find him and get him back. A hunt that takes him to Mexico, where they meet Carmen, Ahmed’s sultry Afghan-Mexican cousin. She helps them fight a vicious drug lord, and leave his empire a smoking ruin. Yet there is still no sign of Ahmed, and in desperation Stoner calls in every favor ever owed to him. It means a return to Afghanistan, more violence and more killing, before he gets a lead. His godson is held prisoner by one of the most vicious and powerful warlords in the country. A man he fought before, long ago, and lost. This time, he will win. He has to win. His promise to always take care of Ahmed is a vow a godfather must fulfill.

This is an incredible story of tough, violent men in a tough, violent land. Black-Ops: Heroes of Afghanistan - Godfather is the latest title by the bestselling author of many Special Ops novels. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo stories, the Raider series, Echo Six, and a number of Devil's Guard titles.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 8
Swordworks Books
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