Black President Season 2 Collection

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Season 2 Episode 1: President Stephen C. Jefferson and the first lady are back, and Season 2 starts exactly where Season 1 ended. The first lady has survived a tragic event that almost left her saying goodbye to Stephen forever. But as we all will learn rather quickly, everything that happens in America is not always what it seems. The president has plenty of new tricks up his sleeves, and after being betrayed by people within his tight circle, he pursues a deadly mission that no president should ever consider. Some Americans are not exactly sure what they signed up for with this president, but he manages to have an answer for everything that swings his way. And while many other Americans may be sold on Mr. President, his number one enemy, Mr. McNeil, is not. The hatred continues to run deep, but the president’s mother is adamant about finally putting a stop to Mr. McNeil’s madness. She will protect her son by any means necessary, and it will be necessary when more drama ensues, secrets are revealed and the first lady finally gets her revenge.

Season 2 Episode 2: President Stephen C. Jefferson is making big moves for the country, but like always, there are major setbacks. White Supremacists are at the doors of the White House, and what is a president to do when racism continues to tear down a nation right before his eyes. The first lady is no longer ride-or-die. She’s cooking up something sinister, and the content of her tell-all book may be enough for America to finally see the president in a different light and turn their backs on him for good. The one person who won’t stand for the first lady’s betrayal is the president’s mother. She has issues with him too, but her interference, this time, may backfire and cause the president to do something so shocking that no one in the country can see it coming.

Season 2 Episode 3: While the world waits to see if President Stephen C. Jefferson will resign, the only thing he’s waiting on is for his mother to get her act together and the first lady to finally reveal her motive for standing by him. Once true confessions are revealed, the dust starts to clear the air. No more lies are on the table, and the first family will make mind blowing decisions that separate them in more ways than one. The president seems satisfied with moving on, but when tragedy strikes again, he’s left with no one, not even his mother, to come to the rescue. This time, she has crossed the line. In the president’s eyes, there will be no forgiveness and he is determined to wash his hands completely free of her, once and for all.

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September 18
Brenda Hampton
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