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If you are new to blacksmithing, and want to decrease your learning curve significantly, then read on…Do you want to begin blacksmithing, but don't know where to start?Are you a novice blacksmith, looking to improve your craft?Do you want to set up a workshop, without breaking the bank with expensive machinery?Do you want to know how you can forge your own tools, from scratch?I, Wes Sander, will share 20 secrets that every novice blacksmith should know before starting. These secrets will:1. Save your money on tools that are not very useful for the beginner 2. Save you time across various smithing projects3. Help you improve your blacksmithing skillsYou can learn how to become a beginner blacksmith, even if you have never lifted a hammer to strike hot iron.Some of the secrets you will discover inside this book are... 
The 8 fundamental blacksmithing technique that every novice should know1 simple adjustment that will improve your hammering efficiency dramaticallyHow to turning bloom iron into useable pieces, even if you have a primitive workshopThe method to finding out exactly which smithing items sell, that blacksmiths know but won't tell youThe #1 tool you should use to make a rivetHow to turn a simple rebar into a great 'gift'The #1 steel you should use to forge your first knife
Many more secrets are waiting to be discovered by you.In addition you will receive not one, but two bonuses inside: 
How to make your own coal forgeHow to turn a railroad track into an anvil
But will it take a lot of tools to start blacksmithing?This book has been designed such that you require only the most basic tools. The rest you can actually make yourself, using what's taught inside this book.Also, consider this...Every day that you delay is another day you deny your passion for blacksmithing.So if you want to get started while saving time and money on mistakes, then take action and buy this book now!

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November 25
Wes Sander
Draft2Digital, LLC

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