Blood Country: Vampire Erotica (Vampire Fantasies - Volume 3‪)‬

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Blood Country: Vampire Erotica (Vampire Fantasies - Volume 3) While seeking some semblance to her life by trying to locate her namesake in Hungary, Viktoria finds herself far closer to her true roots and true nature than she could have ever imagined. Seeking answers and seeking solace, Viktoria finds something so primal and so passionate, it alters her life forever.

(book excerpt)

Roman turned his face towards Viktoria, trying to gauge her level of shock. He was pleasantly surprised to see that Viktoria was obviously mesmerized by the extravagant happenings all around her. He held her as they slowly descended the stairs. “Are you thirsty, Vika?” Roman asked as he directed the two towards a large table of refreshments. Viktoria felt her heart dance in her chest upon hearing the nickname. “So much better than Vickie,” she thought. Roman picked up two wine glasses and handed one to Viktoria. Viktoria looked inquisitively at the contents of the glasses. The drink was thick and red and appeared to be the only thing being served. She lifted the glass to her mouth; Roman watching her intently as he did the same, the contents smelled sweet and slightly metallic. Viktoria took a sip. Her mouth was instantly filled with the sickly sweet taste of blood. She looked up at Roman whose glass was still poised up to his lips, and Viktoria could see sharp fangs showing through his parted lips. Alarmed, Viktoria spun all around looking at the other guests. She saw people laughing, talking, smiling and drinking; all with fangs protruding from their mouths. “Vampires!” Victoria thought with a gasp, “Roman is a vampire! Everyone here is a vampire!” The revelation now made perfect sense, how else could Roman and Gizela have known Viktoria Varghas? Roman saw that Viktoria had observed his unusually sharp incisors and gently placed a hand on her arm in an attempt to reassure her. Viktoria attempted to pull away, but Roman leaned in close to her ear. “No one will hurt you,” he whispered, “You are my guest.” Despite the situation at hand, Viktoria could not help but feel herself moisten from the sound of Roman’s voice and the feeling of his warm breath brush against her ear.

For a moment, Viktoria contemplated running back up the stairs and out of the castle as fast as she could, but after one look into Roman’s hypnotic eyes she could not help but feel her body and mind relax and trust him. She again had no capacity to resist the situation and Viktoria smiled to signal to Roman her decision to stay. Roman returned it with a wide, hungry grin. Viktoria then shot her wine class a mixed look of dismay and disgust. “I think you’ll like it if you give it a chance.” Roman said encouragingly. Viktoria gave him a skeptical look but took another small sip anyway. She was surprised to find that the liquid had seemed to become much sweeter than her first sip. Viktoria then took another bolder drink and firmly decided it was the best thing, food or beverage, that she had ever tasted, and after a few more gulps, her glass was almost empty. Viktoria thought she felt her own incisors sharpen, although it was mostly likely just her imagination. She also felt an overwhelming urgency to drink more. She set down her glass, and began to look for a fuller one when Roman slid an arm around her waist and laughed. “Pace yourself!” He said with a grin. Viktoria gave him a slightly embarrassed smile.

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August 22
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