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She wanted to run away. She didn't know how far she'd have to go.

With all the adventure of Dorothy's journey through Oz and Alice's tumble through the looking glass, author Rachael Vaughn brings you an entirely new, dazzling story of love, redemption and the battle against evil forces in her new urban fantasy novel, Blood Rose.

Rose wants to escape. On the heels of a tragedy that threatens to consume her, she abandons the life she knew for the daily drudgery of retail work and a life lived in quiet solitude. Her one solace—the forest that sprawls behind her apartment complex—gives her a small reprieve from her grief…until the day she walks the same path through the same trees to the same meadow…where something wholly different awaits.

The house wasn't supposed to be there. The door wasn't supposed to open. And Rose is certain she was never supposed to discover what was just beyond the threshold.

A new world. A mysterious, unconscious stranger. And a terrifying force known only as Rot that seems hell-bent on destruction.

Rose finds herself pulled into this topsy-turvy land of talking mice and technicolor trees, and for a time, she is able to flee her painful memories. Dazzled and disoriented, she knows only that she must steer clear of the Rot and save the sleeping stranger…but there are forces even darker, even deadlier than the Rot, and they've got their sights set on Rose.

Can Rose complete her quest while dodging a sinister yet charismatic leader? Can she navigate a world that is spectacularly strange, yet strangely familiar? Will she be able to stop the spreading Rot, or will it swallow her and everything she holds dear?

And most importantly, in running so far, will Rose finally find what she's been looking for all along?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 22
Glasswing Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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