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Discover How The Bodyweight Training Revolution Can Transform You Into A Super Fit, Vibrant Head Turner

Never underestimate the power of dreams & the influence of the human spirit. Potential for greatness lives within each of us. -Wilma Rudolph

Imagine right now that you have the body of your deepest desires. You are a lean machine made up of shapely, powerful muscles that ripple beneath your skin. People notice and are drawn to the health, energy and vitality you effortlessly radiate. You carry yourself with confidence and deserved pride. You’re everything you want to be. Who wouldn’t want to live this way?

If so, why aren’t you? The journey from where you are now to where you want to be may seem long but you can do it; and the quickest route there is through a system of bodyweight exercises. Why bodyweight? Think of the physiques you really admire, whether they be dancers, gymnasts, or marital artists. Think of the ancient Greek ideal as represented by Michelangelo’s David. They all represent the epitome of human potential and yet none of them achieved this greatness by using weights or fancy equipment. Don’t you think it would be wise to follow their example?

When you learn to train naturally with the exercises shown in The Bodyweight Exercise Bible you will begin your journey to this ideal. Bodyweight workouts allow you to train your body as an integrated system as nature intended. Your muscles are meant to work together in a functional way. Training this way will get you in amazing shape while saving you time and money as well. Here are just some of the advantages that you will derive once you start training naturally with bodyweight exercises:
By using your whole body to train fat will melt off you like butter under a blowtorch
Your energy levels will go through the roof
You’ll feel more relaxed and be much happier
Bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere at anytime
You’ll save money and time on gym fees and travel
Your athletic skills in any sport will improve
You’ll become less susceptible to injury
You’ll gain shapely, attractive muscle as opposed to big, ugly, unnatural muscle
Your internal organs like your heart, lungs and other body organs will improve in their efficiency
You’ll regain your youthful metabolism by using strength training to burn fat
These exercises will help you build strength, flexibility, agility and endurance at the same time
You’ll become the dynamic, alive person you always wanted to be

The Bodyweight Exercise Bible is built around four exercises that can be done in under 15 minutes a day with routines that are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels. When these exercises are mastered this program contains 45 additional exercises to keep your workouts varied, challenging and interesting. No matter what your age or current physical condition The Bodyweight Exercise Bible can help you reach the next level. Get this book and start transforming yourself and your life today!

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May 29
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