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“You must be born again.”

— John 3:7

What did the Lord Jesus mean when He spoke the words above?

To be born again with the life of Christ is the greatest blessing any human being can ever receive, but it is also a great mystery.

Born Again makes an excellent Bible study tool for exploring the topic of our new birth, because it simply goes through the scriptures to cover, point-by-point, a number of the crucial and wonderful things that happen to us the moment we believe in Jesus Christ. 

From Chapter 1, "What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?"

We must ask ourselves, do we have a subjective Christ? Yes, we know so many facts about Him, but is He real to us? We can talk about Him and appreciate Him, but do we experience Him in our daily lives? No doubt, to be born again is to have a genuine, subjective experience of Christ, but that should only be the beginning of our experience of Him. We need to substantiate our experience of being born again day after day and year after year, throughout all the rest of our life. We should enjoy the riches we received from our salvation throughout our entire life. The Lord saved us so that He could become so real to us in our experience. For this to happen, what we received the moment we first opened our heart and believed in the Lord Jesus needs to become our continuous enjoyment. This is the Lord’s marvelous desire for us, and this is why we were born again.

— pages 16-17.

Table of Contents:


1. What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?

2. We Have Received the Divine Life (1)

3. We Have Received the Divine Life (2)

4. Our Position Before We Were Born Again

5. Our Wonderful New Position

6. What We Have Become in Christ

7. Our New Life Demands a New Living (1)

8. Our New Life Demands a New Living (2)

9. Our New Life Demands a New Living (3)

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July 14
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