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"There is nothing braver to me than being vulnerable and telling the truth, even if it means exposing a couple of bad boys along the way. I won't deny it, I have had dated a lot of men, and through these experiences it made me bolder, even stronger. I want other girls to speak up too," 21 year old writer, Brittany Krystantos states. It certainly takes guts to share stories about such intimate moments in her life, as a 21 year old bestselling author of teen self-help books, this young woman has written a very courageous book about her dating experience. She makes being a hot mess look pretty, but it isn’t all the time. These stories are compelling and awfully true about navigating your way as a young girl and into your 20s. Fearless, funny, and heartbreakingly honest as ever, Boy Bye establishes how to spot an “F” Boy  from a mile away, and learn to develop a loving relationship with yourself. It teaches girls that sex, love and boys are real things, too not hide from it but to master the power of confidence and learning how to say no to that late night booty call. These stories tell through a true humorous tone about what it’s like being a girl. From the best and worst kissers, getting your ass touched in the bar, having a secret fling with a celebrity, and having major life altering breakdowns at least three times a day, meanwhile questioning where your life is headed in your 20s. Your not so secret to a millennial Romance, author Brittany Krystantos Kisses and Tells from her personal experience in the dating world. From the man who asked to have her babies on the first date, to the best one night stands of her life, having a secret fling with athletes, celebrities and industry men all led her to a heartbreak, which resulted in nights of Nutella and strawberries. Heartbreakingly honest as ever, Boy Bye will become the thread that brings women together.

Young Adult
June 22
Brittany Krystantos
Brittany Krystantos

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