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After 5 years of appearances as a Globe and Mail business bestseller, the fully updated and revised edition of this book could not be more timely. The first edition was a plea to North American leaders to confront three crises – hyper-messaging, the labor shortage and the rise of China – by embracing the fact that a Brand is not a logo, advertising or any other marketing communication, but what people think of you. 

Unfortunately, these crises have only become more serious, and the majority of North American executives still fundamentally misunderstand Brand's true meaning. Yet there is good news: once you realize that your Brand is what people think of you, you realize it is your culture. Then you can build a "remark-able" Brand that cuts through competing messaging, helps you attract, retain and inspire the best and brightest, and leverage the full power of Branding – our single remaining advantage over the East Asian economies. 

This new edition is packed with 37 entertaining and practical new stories, along with numerous actionable frameworks, on how to build a Brand for the 21st century – starting by rooting it in an inspiring core purpose and Brand Foundation. You can put this book to work at your organization – whether B2B, not-for-profit, B2C or government – today.

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July 9
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Customer Reviews

TheCatSH ,

A must read.

No matter the size of your company take the time to read this book. You will be glad you did.

Mike Kern ,


I've read both Ted's first book and this latest edition. Ted's view on brand and customer experience is outstanding. He has a unique perspective that leaves me wishing I had come up with the idea. I recommend this book for all the usual suspects as equally as I do people in Human Resources and Finance. Ted's books inspires one to think about their own brand as well as what they draw from their favorite brand.

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