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Intended for an adult audience, The Brand New Day series is a seemingly true romantic adventure tale of greed, lust, loss, love, misery, success, setback and plain old bad luck. Set in the backdrop of the downtown streets and back alleys of Cincinnati Ohio & Newport Kentucky, the story begins on The Good Ship Cincinnati, the hottest floating dining destination on the riverfront.

Twenty six year old Ellen Addison is a hard working, lonely server longing in sad silence for the Good Ship's handsome Chef Rob Anderson. Rob is a seriously talented carefree chef, newly transplanted to Cincinnati from New York. Hard twelve hour line shifts followed by hard drinking at the bar fills most all of his time. When a mysterious stranger enters their lives aboard The Good Ship, life takes an unexpected turn. Along with their crew mates, Ellen and Rob's fate becomes forever changed while working at the popular riverboat restaurant. Sex, lies, tragedy and true love tangles their futures and twists their fortunes in ways no one could have imagined.

Graphic, blunt, brutally honest, and occasionally offensive, the series is an uncensored 'Rated - R' fictional biography of hard living service workers and the crazy career they have either chosen, or somehow become stuck in.

Written with factual geography, businesses, street names and locations, the series stays true to certain facts from beginning to end. The realistic backbone of the story is intended to transport the reader deep into the bowels and belly of the beastly reality of cooking, serving and struggling to earn a living in the public service life. A tale often told, but not commonly presented as it really is.

June 13
Wren Rogers
Smashwords, Inc.

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