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Detective Jane Anthony has been a good cop in Tempe, Arizona, for over ten years. But after a tragedy occurs on her watch, her status within the department quickly changes, and she becomes the target of much criticism among her peers. With no better choice, Jane decides to leave Arizona and embark on a new life in Seneca, New York, where she’ll try her hand at being a detective again. She knew that the transition would be difficult, but what she never expected were her two new, wildly handsome neighbors. 

Ray and Gage are both incredibly attractive, but each in his own way. Gage is retired Navy, with the sharp, well-kept frame to support it, while Ray is a nature photographer, with a long, lean body and blond curls. Jane is instantly interested in both of them, and they take to her, welcoming her to the neighborhood with a couple of beers on the patio. 

With her first day of work still a weekend away, Jane begins adjusting to her new home by getting friendly with Ray and Gage. But will this small town prove to be the escape she needs from her past life? Will she manage to ruin her new life out of a careless longing for companionship? And with both of these men vying for her, how will she choose which is right for her?

December 15
Vasko Books
Vasko Pty Ltd

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Blogger addict ,

Honest and straight to the point!

I really love books by Lucia. They’re exactly what you need in the length that you need! She’s straight to the point and makes ever word count. Love love love.

Ravenwanted ,


Book one is amazing. I can wait to read the whole series. I am drawn in quickly and fall in love with the characters. Beautiful written

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