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You feel an inexplicable urge to do more. You continually strive to be more efficient regardless of how effective this never-ending work you incessantly keep doing is.

You keep calling for better life and time management techniques to help reduce stress and overwhelm so that you can continue to be yet more productive.

Despite your best efforts these surface-level solutions only provide temporary relief from the persistent undesirable symptoms of the High Definition Life context you are living.

These pseudo-solutions do not and cannot address the deeper seated source of your discord. They ignore the underlying cause of inner conflict that drives this incessant cycle of work for work's sake.

To solely use time management, motivation and anti-procrastination techniques to help you feel better, less stressed and more purposeful is like trying to keep the rain off with a sieve during a thunderstorm.

You will get soaked and your life will still be riddled with Busy Work.

When fully connected to your creativity, in whatever form, there is no need for the sticking plaster of better time management. Your Real Work of the moment will be known to you.

Resolving never-ending priority conflicts, being pulled from pillar to post, overworked and underpaid will become things of the past.

Break Your Busy and yours can be too!

With this book, you'll:

Be able to quickly identify what Busy Work is for you and start using simple strategies to eliminate it from your life.

Do what you want instead of trying to force yourself to do the things you don't.

You will feel more purposeful, fulfilled, and happier.

Be more in tune with your creativity and be willing to take action to bring it to life in the world, either at home, in your relationships, at work or in your business.

In Break Your Busy you'll learn how to:

•  Eliminate stress, anxiety and overwhelm•  Synchronise your life's work to serve you•  Achieve more by doing less•  Focus on what matters to you most•  Be more productive, efficient and effective•  Consistently reach your goals•  Step beyond work-life balance conflict•  Nurture greater peace of mind and body•  Supercharge your decision-making ability•  Enjoy more time and space to be creative•  Increase your clarity, confidence, and creative freedom•  Maintain a creative state no matter what's happening•  Know your purpose in life and the moment•  Embrace and expand your life driven purpose•  Navigate change like a ninja•  Work on your life instead of just in it•  Continually improve your relationships•  Feel more connected

Delivers holistic results in all areas of your life.

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