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"My heart pounded as he thrust me against the stone wall. He leaned into me, pinning me in place as he forced my arms over my head. I whimpered as the stone metal shackles locked around each wrist. Sebastian stepped back, eyeing me without expression as I tugged on my bonds, the chains jingling almost musically.

"You cling to your old life, Marie. You push away your werewolf instincts, and won't let yourself accept what you've become. You said you hate me...," I started to speak but he hushed me, holding a finger against my trembling lips. "I forgive you for that, Marie. This is my fault, not yours, for letting you keep on pretending to be human. I just wanted to give you time, but now..." "

Her life would never be the same...

When Marie's werewolf lover was banished from the pack, the new alpha male claimed her for his own (in Saved by the Wolf and Claimed by the Wolf). Months have passed, and her unfamiliar werewolf instincts urge her to submit to his every desire. But her human emotions tempt her into defiance... and punishment! Will the alpha male succeed in breaking his reluctant mate to his will? Or will Marie's lost love rescue her from the pack? And she's just realized she's pregnant, too... and nobody, not even Marie, knows which lover is the father!

Warning: This 11,600-word story contains explicit, rough sex, bondage, monster breeding and a librarian who learns exactly how far she'll be pushed before her inner beast breaks loose!

Fiction & Literature
January 21
Lacy Dae
Smashwords, Inc.

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