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Knocked Up & Spanked By My White Boss 

When Desiree's violent ex-boyfriend shows up at her workplace, her day goes from bad to worse. Just when she's at her lowest and thinks there's no escape from Jerome's obsessive and jealous tricks, Mark shows up in time to show him who the real alpha male is. Mark's been eyeing her for a long time now, and this gives him an opportunity to get what he wants... and what he wants, is Desiree in his bedroom doing everything he says. The hot and heated romance goes too far too fast when they end up in Vegas getting married, and Mark drunkenly impregnates her! Is this going to be the biggest regret of their life or the best thing that ever happened to them?

My Secret White Baby 

Nikki's boyfriend Jordan is taking her for granted in a real way - she's lucky if she can get a word out of him, let alone some love and affection. So when her girl comes to visit, why shouldn't she hit up the club? Her innocent intentions don't mean much when Jake, the owner of the club, spots her on the dance-floor and decides he likes what he sees. Nikki has no plans to cheat, that is, until she gets a text from her friend with a picture of Jordan getting into some ho's car. A night of drunken, unprotected passion in the VIP is just the start for Nikki though, when a few weeks later she takes a pregnancy test only to find out that's pregnant with Jake's baby!

Dominated By The Billionaire And The Sheikh 

She's a smart, intelligent young black woman... So how does she end up on a yacht, obeying every last kinky whim of the billionaire and the sheik? This book contains explicit sex scenes and is for adults only.

October 12
25 Eagles LLC
25 Eagles LLC

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