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Bridges over Water places the study of transboundary water conflicts, negotiation, and cooperation in the context of various disciplines, such as international relations, international law, international negotiations, and economics. It demonstrates their application, using various quantitative approaches, such as river basin modeling, quantitative negotiation theory, and game theory. Case-studies of particular transboundary river basins, lakes, and aquifers are also considered.

This second edition updates the literature on international water and in-depth analyses on political developments and cooperation between riparian states. With an appended chapter on principles and practices of negotiation, and a new case study on the La Plata Basin, this edition is a timely update to the field of transboundary water studies.
Contents:Introduction: State of Water and Interstate Water RelationsOverview of Literature on Conflict Negotiation and Cooperation Over Shared WatersThe Development and Application of International Water LawPrinciples and Practices of Cooperation in Managing International WaterCooperative Game Theory and Water Resources: PrinciplesCooperative Game Theory and Water Resources: Application of Solution ConceptsPrinciples and Practices of Negotiation: A Quantitative ApproachHydropolitics and International RelationsAn Overview of Selected International Water Treaties in Their Geographic and Political ContextsGlobal Analysis of International Water AgreementsThe Use of River Basin Modeling as a Tool to Assess Conflict and Potential CooperationConclusionCase Studies:The Mekong River BasinThe Ganges Basin (With Focus on India and Bangledesh)The Indus River BasinThe Aral Sea BasinThe La Plata River BasinAnnexes:The Generica: An Outline for Preparing a Basin Case StudyRiver Basin Cooperative Game Theory Example
Readership: Graduates in economics, engineering, water law, international relations and practitioners in water resource management, international water law and water policies.

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