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If you are not an F 1 stockcar fan, perhaps the following will help. BriSCA is the acronym for British Stockcar Association. F 1 is Formula 1.

These guys use BIG 600 HP engines, which on a small oval circuit gives a spectacle of noise, colour, skill and aggression.  

The author was primarily involved in F 1 and covered other forms of circuit racing as and when commissioned by the now defunct AUTO Enthusiast Magazine and freelanced images to a variety of publications of the day.

Back in the 1970s the only printed material available to fans  - other than meeting programmes sold by the promoters - was created by the Supporters  Association and one other private venture. Having supplied both magazines with plentiful photo prints free of charge I decided to have a go myself!

I asked Bev Greenhalgh who pit  out the supporters magazine if he would do a pictorial for me. The resulting booklet was not what I envisaged .. but not being involved “hands on”  I could not complain. The  pictorial was sold around the circuits where I had authorised photographer status.

The photo archive used for the booklet replicated in the following pages and books currently in production, were created on 35 mm film stock between 1969 and 1976.

The original  booklet  has been scanned and placed in logical order in this eBook. The print quality was not the best, so  I have added  better quality original images to illustrate how I expected the pictures to look.

Todays  fans may be surprised, but this is what your granddad collected on his visits to the Stock car tracks. 

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January 28
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Arthur Brindley Whittam

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