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The bundle contains: 
‧ The Billionaire's Wife by Viola Black 
‧ The Billionaire's Seduction by Hattie Black
‧ A Billionaire's Obsession by Hattie Black
‧ Loving the Alpha Billionaire by J.S. Anne 


High school was a blast. Never had she imagined it would go by so quickly. Memories of friends that had long since come and gone. Laughter that still echoed through the corridors of her mind. Each thought of those people made her stomach turn on end. The betrayal she felt from them was more than she could comprehend.
Xavier was dead. He had passed, and Dawnika knew it before they even got to the hospital. It came as a bit of a shock that he ended up like his father. He was healthy, never did anything that he shouldn’t have. For Christ’s sake he was captain of the soccer and football team. Xavier was as healthy as could be, yet he gave no sign of life.
One moment, he was breathing, the next he was lying, sprawled out on the couch. They were watching cheesy horror flicks, and laughing at every flaw, when he started to appear uncomfortable. At first, she wasn’t really worried, of course that was the first mistake that she made. He was her boyfriend, and she should’ve always been concerned, however, she wasn’t. The reason why would remain unknown to her.


Mallory Moore is twice unlucky in love.  She’s just divorced her cheating husband, and her college sweetheart is the one that got away.  But she has no time for a love life, being a single mom and struggling to save the family business. 
Gabe Crawford might be flying high as a wealthy playboy but he’s never forgotten Mallory, his college sweetheart.  When he finds her again, the attraction is instant.  Sparks fly, but Mallory isn’t impressed by his billions.
When his lavish lifestyle threatens to derail all his plans, can Gabe capture her jaded heart and convince her to play his wicked game?


Renee Wainwright is a plain, quiet, and focused 23 year old African-American with an intense passion to create graphic, and animation art. When she discovers her boyfriend sleeping with her best friend in her own bed, her world spins off its axis. The only thing that keeps her sane, is her new job at the popular, savvy, and edgy branding, and marketing firm, BYWINSTON.
Renee is eager to learn and grow at this preeminent firm. However, she is content with keeping her head down, and just doing good work. That is not good enough for her female supervisor, who opens her up to the other components of a success, including a make-over. All of a sudden, Renee attracts the attention of the company's founder, and billionaire playboy, the tall, and distractingly handsome, Caucasian Colin Winston.


Bianca and David are young, budding entrepreneurs who get married. Their honeymoon is bliss and so is married life in the beginning. David is very busy starting up their company, Bianca’s best friend is the account manager and manages all the finances.

When their son, Samuel, is born, things change. Bianca has to spend more time at home until he starts preschool and she has a bit more time to herself. She decides to go visit David one day at work but is greeted with a terrible surprise.

WARNING: Mature readers only.

Fiction & Literature
November 19
Viola Black
Draft2Digital, LLC

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