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This eBook is packed with illustrations and video to help you experience the wild beauty of the northern and central British Columbia coast through the eyes and voices of 50 Canadian artists, including Robert Bateman, Carol Evans and Roy Henry Vickers.

An expedition of artists travelled to spectacular and remote areas to depict the rich biodiversity and ecological elements of the forest, intertidal, and ocean zones, along with the people, flora and fauna that have lived there for thousands of years. The resulting artworks, blended with essays by experts in their field, and poetry, portray the splendour of the region. Each artist has two pages devoted to their work, including their photo, bio, field sketches and photograph of their piece, and in many cases a video of them at work and talking about what this special region means to them.

The artists’ goal is to bring attention to the dramatic beauty and ecological diversity of the coastal wilderness that will be at risk if tankers are permitted to ship tar-sands oil through narrow and dangerous channels. 

This book is part of the initiative to raise awareness of the coast’s wild and diverse marine and terrestrial environment, and support for its conservation. It includes a foreword by David Suzuki and an afterword by Wade Davis.

Science & Nature
November 21
Raincoast Conservation Foundation
Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Customer Reviews

twocakes ,

mr h

amazing book well worth a look

Canadian man on the water ,


An amazing book- well worth the time for the long download of a big file. I think its a big file 'cause it is more than just a book- its a book with text and lovely photographs as well as many videos. If more people see ebooks like this, they will understand that this is more than something that you can get a the bookstore!

The gorgeous photography and video brings a taste of the Great Bear Rainforest to wherever you are.

Some of the video clips are a bit long, but given that you can skip through sections of it at will- the book works well without the video as well. Totally the kind of thing that you can explore on a plane or show your friends on the couch- there's a ton of content here.

Makes me want to go visit Canada's Great Bear Rainforest.