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WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual content that may not be suitable for all viewers. If you are underage, or not permitted to view adult sexual situations leave this page now. This book is about bisexual encounters. If that bothers you then do not continue further.

It had been a long time since Bryan had given me his special form of a stress reliever, in the form of a wild hot man to man session.

I texted him early that Saturday morning, wondering if he could come by after I closed the store and do some “consulting” work on a pressing project I had.

He texted me back in about 20 minutes that he could swing by, but only had a few minutes to help me with my problem.I replied that it would not take too long to solve my dilemma, and that I closed at 2pm and would be available about 15 minutes after that.

He texted back and said he would be there.

After closing my phone, I could feel myself starting to grow, and my special “spot” was twitching in anticipation.

The three hours slowly dragged by, and I was excited when 2pm finally arrived. I cleaned myself in the bathroom, took off my clothes and shoes, shut down the hallway lights, and waited for the knock at the back entrance.

At 2:10 I got a text.

“I am right outside the door, let me in.”

I replied by unlocking the door and opening it slightly. Bryan came in the door, and shut it part way. He grabbed me gave me a bone crushing kiss, put his hands on my exposed rear cheeks, and breathed in my ear.

“I have a surprise for you. I have a friend with me that I have told about our times together. He wants to meet you. If you say OK, he would love to join us. He is a good guy, and I think you’d enjoy meeting him. He really knows his way around a man’s body”

So, here I am being held, completely naked, with Bryan caressing me, and he has invited another man to join us, and wants me to make a decision. I looked into his eyes, and nodded my head. A smile instantly broke out on his face, and he let me go and opened the door and waved. He was soon joined in the doorway by a tall, well built man. I looked up in the dim light and almost fainted…there stood my Number One Fantasy.

Casual Encounters...MWM Seeking Same, Vol 3
is a tell all confessions of John, a Mature, Married, Bisexual man, exploring and coming to terms with his hidden secret life.

Author Dawn Westfield interviewed John about his life, and after talking with him over many months, and with John's consent, she has compiled his true encounters for all to read and understand how, and what, makes a bisexual man pursue this life.

This is a 12,000 word, 20 page, novella of John's exploits along a sleepy Mississippi River town along Wisconsin's West Coast. He meets liked minded Married and Bisexual men, and realizes his desires in this steamy tell all.

Follow John in this third and final volume of his encounters, as he comes to a true understanding of his sexuality and how it affects his life.

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Fiction & Literature
January 2
Dawn Westfield
Draft2Digital, LLC

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