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In this corner, Timothy Irons, the now-famous hydrologist, and in this corner, Captain Bruce H****n, San Francisco Cop, multiple jurisdictions, two incomplete men, two half’s of an incomplete person, thrust together by the appearance of dead bodies floating in a high desert lake. They join where water meets murder…

“Because,” Timothy Irons thought, “it really is all about water!” The rain gently starts to drop, and then a deluge follows, and people are swept away? It’s a phenomenon, nothing more? The hydrologist at the scene, Timothy Irons, labels this high desert lake tragedy, death by cataract! But he wonders, they all wonder, can it be cunning and scheming too? Is a cataract actually capable of multiple murders?

So it attacks, so it seems, or is it man? Seemingly murderous, and seemingly bountiful, cataracts patrol high in the heavens. Standing proudly above, the cataracts dump all that they have, and re-supply, turning patches of the desert into lush green plots. The fungus, especially, benefit from this, and reach maturity is just six days. But even with this wonderful bounty, people are still found in bodies of water, flirting with the shore, dead!?

The Cataract dance takes us to San Francisco, California, and then, to where it all began: Oaxaca, Mexico! It’s here, where the Cataracts have been fine-tuning their art through millennium, and the fungus (magic mushrooms, psilocybin) merely stands straight out of the soil. It’s here, in the jungles of Oaxaca, where the epic battle between two incomplete men rages, to eventually discover the fungi might possibly hold the ‘magic’ to glue a person back together,

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 23
Tim Epstein
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