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Taylor and his mother have moved from a small northern town to the heart of Toronto. The differences are dramatic as Taylor becomes part of a classroom of kids as diverse as the city itself. While taking a shortcut across a junkyard with his new best friend, Simon, Taylor becomes aware of a colony of wild cats that make the junkyard their home. Assisted by his classmates, teacher and the security guard, Mr. Singh, Taylor takes a special interest in caring for the cats. Suddenly there is an announcement-the junkyard is being redeveloped to become condominiums. Can Taylor and his friends save the cats of the colony from certain death?

Young Adult
August 1
Orca Book Publishers
eBOUND Canada

Customer Reviews

Epic and epic ,

Cat Boy, a touching story that blew my mind.

Cat Boy blew my mind away, they gave it as a perspective of a character, Taylor, the loyal boy who loved cats. Taylor obviously wanted to be a hero, but he took it as a joke, he called himself Cat Boy, lover of cats and a great potato peeler. He found a cat colony with his friend Simon (also known as the side-kick of Cat Boy, his name was the Korean Kid) after school in a junk-yard. Older boys started throwing rocks at some of the cats in the colony, and Taylor (Cat Boy) decided he needed to protect the cats. After Taylor defended the cats the older boys were about to throw rocks at Taylor and Simon, (Cat Boy and his side-kick the Korean Kid) they suddenly dropped their rocks and ran. Taylor and Simon turned around and realized why, a security guard. Where they in trouble? Through-out the year Taylor was caring for the cats, but soon found out that the junk-yard had been sold and put in condominiums on the property. Construction will start soon, but what could happen to the cats? What will Taylor do? Overall, I think the book changed my perspective of the life of cats and how they can be just as or more friendly with people than cats they know. I highly recommend this book because it is touching to the heart and makes you feel like you should do a random act of kindness! Which what we need in the world. Go on an adventure with Taylor, Simon and the United Nations!

Elsada ,

He writes good books

Good job Eric walters!

Chuck 5000 ,


Eric Walters writes AMAZING books this one is awesome!!!!!!

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