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'Cerebus the Aardvark' has distinguished comic book story arcs and appeared on glossy front pages alongside Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spawn. George Lucas, Dreamworks, and Paramount Pictures contacted the creator of this legendary graphic novel series, Dave Sim, to inquire about purchasing the movie right to Cerebus, but Sim would not sell his soul. Creator rights have long been trampled when creators sign away their right to have any input on what is done to their babies. Instead, Sim gave his blessing to a fresh, unknown talent who was inspired by his work growing up, and who fully appreciates and understands the aardvark and his fans. This is the story of a personal Mount Everest for the independent animation writer/producer/director, Oliver Simonsen, and his awesome team of 200+ modelers, riggers, animators, voice actors, and special effects technicians who have been working on Cerebus Film since 2007--working class heroes and fans of the world of Cerebus. Their perseverance will inspire you. This type of production of a feature-length animation film has never been done and, in this author's opinion, could only be done by the rare individual who possesses the relentless patience, carefulness, artistry and optimism that characterizes Oliver Simonsen and What Comics Entertainment.

All royalties earned from the sale of this ebook go toward the completion of the Cerebus Film project by What Comics Entertainment, currently in post production. Various technical issues and financial constraints have pushed the estimated release date to 2020. Investors are welcome to expedite completion and distribution sales and should contact Oliver Simonsen via the Facebook page for Cerebus Film.

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May 12
Carma Chan
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