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Fighting the Preacher’s Kids is part of Satan's all-encompassing tactics against the church today. The families of those who spearhead the spiritual battles against the kingdom of hell are prime targets of demonic attacks, and, the Pastor's family today has become the major battle ground of the archenemy of God. The main target of that battle, just like the King on a Chess Board game, is the Preacher’s Kid.

This is the reason the Preacher’s Kids face a lot of challenges. So many Preachers’ Kids are becoming prodigal by the day and rebelling, and these has become a source of unhappiness for their parents, and there is not much that anyone is doing about it.

This book is an attempt to help the Preacher’s Kid realize the challenges ahead, get prepared for them before it is too late, and also help their preacher parents so that they can help their kids in a more spiritually conducive way that will encourage the Pastors’ kids to overcome whatever challenges they face and still stand tall for the Lord. Each chapter starts with a vivid description of what the challenge is, and ends with possible solutions that will either completely eliminate the challenge, or reduce its effect on the P.K.

If you have a Preacher’s Kid around you, or you are a close friend to the parent of one, and you really love them, get them a copy of this book. It will change their lives for better for life, teaching them both how to overcome the CHALLENGES OF BEING A PREACHER’S KID.

If you love your pastor and his children, then you must get him a copy of this book, if not for his sons and daughters, at least for him personally.

July 4
Sam O Salau
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