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You've built your company up and made it a success. How can you be sure that the next generation of company leadership will sustain your success? What role
will you play in that evolution? And where can you, the small business owner, look for help with succession planning, when most of the literature on the
subject is aimed at the HR departments of Fortune 500 companies?

Changing Places is written for you, filling that gap by preparing you to deal with the complex web of emotionally charged situations that arise from
conflicting personal, family and business goals. Throughout the book, Dave Franzetta and Moss Jackson emphasize the importance of managing not only the
structural changes that you set in place, but also the personal, transitional challenges that arise from changing circumstances. They take you through all
the important components of planning your exit and managing the transitions, beginning with preparing for your own, personal transition by creating your
personal succession planning roadmap and building a transition advisory team. Other chapters are devoted to critical topics, such as hiring, leader
selection and leadership development for smaller firms, leading to a discussion of options for changeover and buyout funding, concluding with advice on
preparing your company for sale to outsiders when that is your best option.

Whether you are ready to step down soon, or ten years down the road, Changing Places is your essential guide. Every topic is thoroughly informed by the
authors decades of experience. Their stories bring to life the potential problems faced by business owners, and the practical solutions others have
adopted. Thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter will launch and direct your own succession and transition plans.

Start your leadership transition journey now. Changing Places will help you keep the success in succession planning.

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October 2