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As the hottest bodyguard on Security Force Omega, Oscar Oliveira has no trouble finding a warm body at any odd hour. But he's ready for more.


And for the first time in this ex-pro boxer's life, he just got rejected. For a kiss.


Oscar's friends warned him not to fall for the straight guy, but flirty, sexy-as-hell Jack Highland made that difficult. Now Jack has Oscar's sweater. His belt. His bandana. And Oscar seriously wants them back.


As for Jack – well, Jack wants a lot of things.


But for the first time in this confident filmmaker's life, he's absolutely 100%... confused. Add another ultra-complication in a sea of complicated: Enter Charlie Cobalt.


The enigmatic famous one that Oscar is sworn to protect wants his own show, and he's asked Jack to film it. A Charlie-centric docuseries will force Oscar & Jack to share the same air again.


Option 1: Ignore each other.

Option 2: Flirt, aw yeah. And act like the rejection never happened.

Option 3: Confront each other about the rejected kiss.


With options on the table and their romantic lives unsettled, both Jack & Oscar are concerned about why Charlie wants his own show. And the longer filming lasts, the more tumultuous their personal & professional worlds become.


Chaos reigns when you're around the Cobalts, and Jack & Oscar are swept up among the most destructive one.

June 23
K.B. Ritchie
KB Ritchie LLC

Customer Reviews

amandamuschett ,

Another fun & romantic book in a fantastic series!

"You're Team Jack Highland?"
"Let's put it this way—whatever president was sitting at the top of the Jack Highland fan club has been dethroned by me."
My heart swells. "What a coincidence. The Oscar Oliveira fan club president was usurped by me."

*Michelle Obama voice* Girls, you've done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all.

I loved this book!!! Oscar and Jack are such a mature, fun, sweet, loving, and uplifting couple. I've always loved their flirty banter, and seeing them finally confront those feelings and figure out what to do with them was so good!! The many nicknames they had for each other was adorable, and I just really really loved that they were always giving compliments and pep talks. I'm so happy that Oscar said he's going to be taking some days off from working because he deserves to spend time with his sunshine and to live their best life together.

Krista and Becca really did their research for Oscar and Jack's backgrounds. I loved reading about the different cultures and foods and phrases, and I think it was done in such a natural, respectful way.

Did they fall in love and advance their relationship really fast? Sure. Do I care? Not really! They're both super confident and self-assured characters, so it isn't that surprising that they found what they wanted and stuck with it. It was definitely a very amusing journey to read about.

Seeing Jack come to terms with his sexuality and how he and his family handled it was such a nice part of this book. I love how Jack went about it and how everyone gave him the time and support to allow him to figure himself out. Seeing Moffy, Jane, and Sulli have his back was really sweet. The Rainbow Brigade emergency meeting was so wholesome and their support system is so important for each and every one of them. When he decided on a label I was so proud of him and happy that he didn't have to deal with any homophobia. Everything about this journey for him was all just so *Jack* and I love him so much.

Meeting Jesse and getting more time with Quinn and Joanna was the best!!! Jesse was adorable and I totally see where his storyline is going when it comes to the fact that he defended Winona and will now be filming Sulli. Beckett and Joana flirted/bickered like the pros they are and I can't wait to see how their relationship is going to come to be a thing with Leo.

The further hints at Sulli, Banks, and Akara were also A LOT and I'm so excited for their book. Sulli has zero filter so I'm sure it will be an incredibly interesting time. Luna and Donnelly also got a couple hints in there and I really can't wait to get in their heads and see everything from their POV because just as individual characters they're some of my favourites.

Now for my favourite secondary character of this book: Charlie. Keating. Mother-effing. Cobalt. I've always loved Charlie, despite the fact that he actually sucks sometimes. I can't not love him because he's so much like Connor and Lo before they found love. This book finally gave us the different POV that we needed in order to see Charlie without any familial bias. I *love* his relationship with Oscar, and you can really see how much Charlie cares about him and how much he cares about Charlie. When they acknowledged that they are friends my heart basically exploded it was so wholesome. AND THEN HE SAW ROXANNE TRIP DURING THE BALLET AND SMILED. ROXANNE "KOTOVA" RUIZ. When I say I freaked out when I saw her bio on Pinterest, I mean it. I'm not going to stop thinking about this until we get their book and also more AE books. I'm obsessed and I love them so much already after this small little tease.

Overall I absolutely loved this book and where Oscar and Jack end up and I can't wait to continue reading this series foreverrrrr.

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