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With her only son murdered in a banned sacrificial ritual, Nkem flees with her young daughter, Obiageli, to find her king and bring her abusive husband to justice. However, it quickly becomes clear that the powerful, oppressive, and malefic king had allowed the brutal ritual to continue—including the sacrifice of his own son—and Nkem becomes the hunted. As Nkem tries to find sanctuary, aided by the king’s sympathetic head henchman, Odera, her dead son Dike reaches out to her from the spirit world to comfort and protect her in any way he can.

Children of the Shadows: Unearthing the Ritual is the first in a trilogy that explores an ancient ritual still practiced in some African countries to this day and one woman’s fight for justice and peace for the innocent child victims.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
December 20
FriesenPress Inc

Customer Reviews

sarmini.k ,

Must read!!

This book is a full package of emotions: sadness, anger, fear, romance just to name a few. The story itself is very unique and intriguing and makes you want to keep reading to find out what’s next to come. The way the book is written doesn’t even need illustrations; the author paints the pictures through his words. This book definitely went beyond my expectations and makes me eagerly wait for the next one in the trilogy.

NightFalcon2104 ,

Great Story

The writing is quite literary and filled with detailed descriptions that cover all senses. There is an elegance to the writing. Superb title and subtitle. It grabbed my attention immediately and then later when I realized what it meant, it seemed just perfect. The prologue is intriguing; establishing the overall situation of stress, tension, grief and loss without giving away too many details and pulling me right in, making me interested in learning more. The tension is maintained right through chapter 3 and onwards through chapter 5. Nkem is a fascinating character; with a sharp questioning mind, she is wary, tries to keep peace and is aware of the wrongs being perpetrated as well as her rights. The way the chapters rotate between the characters is masterful. Chapter 27 produces yet another twist! The level of palace intrigue and power-mongering among the chiefs is really something. The fight scene in chapter 51 is action-packed and full of tension! This story is not slowing down one bit! And the suspense after that was set up beautifully. Great ending to the book with lots of threads left to be picked up in the next instalment. Great to also have the first chapter of the next book as a teaser. The book is intriguing on so many levels! The characters are very well developed; the story arc is consistently strong; there is lots of tension, suspense and intrigue. A fine story that was an absolute pleasure to read.