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China is one of the most popular destinations in the world for foreigners who want to start a business outside of their home countries. With a potential market of over 1 billion people it’s not difficult to wonder why.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business in China, the Wood Egg China startup guide will be your go-to reference manual.

Each year we hire 3 researchers (at least one local and one foreigner who live in China), a native English-speaking in-country writer, and an editor, to bring you insights from multiple perspectives.

Our researchers spend over 200 hours interviewing local business people, politicians, and citizens who regular foreigners would never have access to. This is 200+ hours you will save to hit the ground running. (Bonus: When you register your eBook at WoodEgg.com you get access to all of our raw research and interviews.)

In the 2014 Wood Egg China startup guide you will learn:

The mindset of Chinese citizens can seem contradictory to foreigners. But learn these two main behaviors that dictate most of their actions and you’ll quickly understand the truth. (Page 99)
Don’t make the mistake of going into these industries because although China is welcoming to foreigners there are many businesses a foreigner should never get involved in. (Page 349)
Use this tactic to get the upper hand in business negotiations. (To be used sparingly!) (Page 212)
The difference between “their way” and “the best way” and why it matters to you. (Page 499)
How to find (and keep) top talent in China. (Page 591)
Get our personal list of the top 7 English-speaking accountants who will be sure your business follows all of China’s confusing tax laws. (Page 567)
What is the unique-to-China “water army” social media marketing strategy and how can you use it for your business? (And why you shouldn’t use it.) (Page 693)
How to jump through red tape and get your business bank account set up properly. (Page 632)
Learn this to get a significant advantage as a foreigner in China. (Page 221)

All of this along with hundreds of other insights. All told you’ll get the painstakingly researched answers to over 200 questions (over 700 pages!) about country, culture, life, and business in China.

If you’re looking to do business in China you won’t find a more complete, up-to-date, guide.

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