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With China's dynamic economic growth, its relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) states have expanded rapidly in recent years, culminating in the conclusion of the landmark China–ASEAN Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement in 2002. Beyond trade and economic activities, China–ASEAN cooperation has broadened to cover the environment, science and technology, non-traditional security areas and related legal issues. China's relations with ASEAN have reached a new era where the two sides have established an economic, legal and political framework for their comprehensive cooperation.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of China–ASEAN relations from economic, legal and political perspectives and examines various important topics related to non-traditional security issues, free trade zone and regional economic integration, border trade and environmental issues, and maritime security.
Contents:Changing China–ASEAN Relations in PerspectiveChina–ASEAN on Non-traditional Security IssuesTowards a Free Trade AreaIssues in China–ASEAN Regional CooperationThe South China Sea and Maritime IssuesChina–ASEAN Relations in Regional Perspectives
Readership: Academics and students in economics, law, politics and sociology, as well as in area studies including China studies and Southeast Asian studies; readers interested in China, Southeast Asia or China-Southeast Asia relations.
Keywords:China;Southeast Asia;ASEAN;Free Trade Area;Free Trade Agreement;Economy;Law;World Trade Organization;SecurityReview:
“This book is a useful tool for tracing the evolution of China-ASEAN relations and understanding the reasons for Southeast Asian nations' initial concern over the growth of Chinese power and influence in the region.”
China Perspectives
Key Features:First book that encompasses a comprehensive overview of China–ASEAN relations from economic, legal and political perspectivesIncludes two chapters discussing how Japan and South Korea — East Asian countries and also ASEAN+3 members — perceive China's changing relations with ASEAN

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