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This book offers a selection of views from Chinese and European experts and scholars on the most pressing environmental challenges — air quality, global warming, climate change, energy security, urbanisation — faced by Europe and China in 2013. The contributors also discuss possibilities of technical cooperation between the two sides on remedies for the domestic scene as well as contributions to international negotiations. These problems top the agenda of the new leadership in China and also feature prominently on the EU-China agenda for EU's efforts to mitigate climate change.

Contents:Climate Change:EU–China Cooperation on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Mitigation Towards a Potential International Emission Trading Scheme (Beatriz Perez de las Heras)Cooperation on Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in EU–China Climate Diplomacy (Katja Biedenkopf and Diarmuid Torney)The European Union's Structural Foreign Policy: A Case Study on the EU–China Aviation ETS Dispute (Yu Weiye)Upholding the EU's Climate Change Commitments (Men Jing and Veronika Orbetsova)A Reporter's Narrative: China's Learning Curve on Climate Change (Fu Jing)Low Carbon Economy:Low Carbon Policies and the Management of EU–China Trade Relations (Coraline Goron)Restructuring China's Thermal Power Generation: A Possible Mechanism for China's CO2 Emission Mitigation (Li Jinshan, He Yinan and Hu Fengqiao)EU–China Cooperation on Low Carbon Economy (Li Jun)Unleashing the "Green Cat"? The Promotion of Renewable Energy in China — Lessons from the Solar Industry (Cora Jungbluth)Urbanization and Quality of Life:Water Problems in China (He Nong)Food Safety: A Challenge for EU–China Cooperation (Rodolphe de Borchgrave)NGOs in the EU–China Environmental Diplomacy (Malte Philipp Kaeding and Heidi Ningkang Wang)Financial Innovation in Sustainable Cities: A Suggestion for the EU and China? (Laurent Beduneau-Wang)Hong Kong: An Extreme Case in Dense Urban Living (Christine Loh)Sustainability-oriented Low-carbon Development of Shanghai (Guo Ru and Song Lilei)The Green Urbanization: The Local Vision under the Globalization: A Comparative Analysis between French and Chinese Sustainable Policy and Approaches (Yu Wang-Vedrine)EU–China Cooperation in Agriculture: An Example: The Trade in Apples (Lei Lei)Concluding Thoughts:The Green Way Forward (Isabel Hilton)
Readership: Undergraduates, graduates, researchers, academics, think-tankers and decision-makers who are interested in China-EU cooperation and dialogues on climate issues.

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August 8
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