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This volume examines the Chinese foreign policy framework today and traces its evolution since the post-Mao era. Through the consideration of China's relations with the major powers and its management of various challenges ranging from territorial disputes to energy security, it investigates China's pursuit of major power status and influence in peaceful international scenarios.

The author critically analyzes China's foreign policy from Chinese leaders' evolving worldview of the changing international environment. As China emerges as a major power and the second largest economy in the world, anyone interested in international politics and scenarios as well as China's foreign policy needs a basic, insightful reference book like this.
Contents:China's Foreign Policy: Coping with the Challenge of PowerOverall Framework:The Evolution of China's Foreign Policy in the Post-Mao Era: From Anti-Hegemony to Modernization DiplomacyChina's Foreign Policy in the Mid–1990sChina's Foreign Policy Since the Seventeenth Party CongressConvincing the World of China's Tradition to Pursue Universal HarmonyChina's Significant Bilateral Relations:China's Peaceful Rise and the .U.S — Mutual Perceptions, Mutual Trust and Planning for Future ScenariosChinese Perceptions of Russian Foreign Policy During the Two Putin Administration: U.S.–Russia Relations and "Strategic Triangle" ConsiderationsChina's Japan Policy: Seeking Stability and Improvement in Uncertainties and ConflictsChina's India Policy: Balancing Global and Bilateral IssuesSino–Vietnamese Relations in the Early Twenty-first Century: Economics in Command?China's Iran Policy: Balancing Interests and Managing ExpectationsChina's Management of Various Challenges:A Chinese View of China's Energy SecurityBattle Ready? Developing a Blue-water Navy: China's Strategic DilemmaChina's Ocean Development Strategy and Its Handling of the Territorial Conflicts in the South China SeaFrom Non-interference to a Responsible Major Power: China's Engagement in DarfurChina's Approach to Intervention in the Syrian Crisis: The Challenge of Working through the United Nations System
Readership: Academics, undergraduate and graduates students, professionals and policy makers interested in China's Foreign Policy.
China;Foreign Policy;Major Power;Peaceful International Environment;Regional Cooperation;Comprehensive National PowerKey Features:The most updated and comprehensive book on Chinese foreign policyAnalyzes the Chinese perspective critically and objectivelyStudies China's relations with key countries and its various significant global challenges

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