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China and Japan are the two most important countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Their economic ties are significant not only because they are the second and third largest economies in today's world, but also because their economic relationship has an important impact on regional economic co-operation and international production chains.

China's Japan Policy: Adjusting to New Challenges analyzes the significance of Japan in China's foreign policy framework within the broader context of China's world view, its national objectives, and the Chinese leadership's policy adjustments in response to the changing international and domestic circumstances. It looks at China's Japan policy in recent decades since their normalization of relations in 1972. The book also examines the unique characteristics of the China–Japan bilateral relationship, especially the historical legacy, territorial disputes, and the special cultural affinities between the two nations.

Readers interested in China and Japan will find this an invaluable reference with detailed insights on international relations and economic developments in the Asia-Pacific region.
Contents:The PRC's Japan Policy 1949–1968The Foreign Policy Framework of the PRC After the Cultural RevolutionThe PRC's Japan Policy Within the Context of Its Analysis of Global Contradictions: 1968–1972The PRC's United Front Policy in JapanThe PRC's Demands Regarding the Normalization of Sino-Japanese RelationsThe PRC's Japan Policy: Consolidation After Normalization of RelationsThe PRC's Japan Policy and Its Foreign Policy FrameworkThe PRC's Japan Policy and the “Four Modernizations” The PRC's Japan Policy in the 1980sThe PRC's Japan Policy in the Mid-1990s: Adjusting to the Evolving Multipolar WorldThe Increasingly Powerful Right-wing Forces in Japan: Beijing's Perception and ResponseThe PRC's Japan Policy in the 21st Century: Seeking Stability and Improvement in Uncertainties
Readership: Undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers, academics, and policymakers interested in international relations in the Asia-Pacific region.
Key Features:Written by a prominent scholar and active commentator in major international mediaOne of the most comprehensive titles on Sino–Japanese relations in recent decades — a work that spanns over 40 yearsDraws upon extensive research in English, Chinese and Japanese for a holistic view

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