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The law of balance is not just a motivating power but also serves the purpose of development. How did human society develop in a balanced manner in history? How is China's Modernization impacted by the law of equilibrium? How does the law of balance affect China's economic and trade relations with other countries?

This book attempts to answer these questions and more. It applies the balance law methodology to systematically analyze major factors influencing the sustainable development of the Chinese economy and society, and to discuss the balanced way of thinking, market credit, innovation energy and international collaboration that boost sustainable development. While the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics needs a balanced development perspective, solving the problem of imbalance requires a balanced approach as well as a balanced interaction between man, nature and society, which is the key factor for economic development in the 21st century.

Contents: On the Path to Balance:The Balance History of Human DevelopmentThe Balance Practice in China's ModernizationThe Modern Theory of Economic EquilibriumChina's Road to Balanced Economic DevelopmentThe Balance Market:The Law of Equilibrium in Market CreditChange in Credit Conditions and Perfection of PoliciesMarket Uncertainty and Financial RiskInteraction between the Government and the MarketChina's Land ReformInnovation Balance and Manufacture of ChinaThe Balance Diplomacy for the Opening Up:Mutual Trust and Cooperation in GlobalizationThe History and Prospects of China's Foreign TradeChanges in International Situation and the CountermeasuresStrengthening Asian–African–Latin American CooperationThe Underlying Reasons for the Trade Issues of the US and China
Readership: Students, researchers and the public who are interested to understand the factors influencing sustainable development of the Chinese economy.
Keywords:China's Economy;Balance Law Methodogy;Sustainable Development;Balanced Market;Balanced Diplomacy;Balance DevelopmentReview:Key Features:The book pays particular attention to the way of thinking and mechanism innovation from a global and in-depth perspective, and puts forward some new ideas, views and measures, worth reading by economic workers, management personnel, university teachers and students, as well as various walks of life

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