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What are the three things that all successful long term relationships have in common?
How do these successful couples deal with day to day problems and still have a loving relationship?
How can you use these principles to turn your life around and be truly happy in all areas – personal, business and community?
Unless you are a hermit living on a desert island you need to relate to people. Your success in all areas of your life depends on how well you communicate with the people around you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mum, a salesperson or a CEO. How you communicate with the people around you defines how successful you are.
This book is an often raw and gritty tale of one woman’s struggle through a lifetime of racial hatred and discrimination. She reveals her healing journey through exploring her life and the lives and feelings of those who have worked through their cultural differences. A series of interviews with everyday people provide the insights for the teachings and healing messages revealed inside. These everyday folk have lived through their own cross cultural battles and discriminations to emerge stronger, happier and more committed to each other.
Positive change and lasting healing rarely happens when you’re on your own. We need each other to heal our damaged selves. We need to heal ourselves before we truly enjoy life and experience true happiness within and with our friends and family. We need each other to become the best we can be.
If you’re interested in positive change in all areas of your life, read this book. It’s inspiring, empowering and eye-opening.

Health, Mind & Body
November 10
Wendy Alexander
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