Publisher Description

You’re lost in the woods. There is a terrible fog. You have no idea where you are, and you can hear footsteps. The world is in civil war. You have one mission: End the war. You are a believer in peace.

You were only five years old when the war started. The South created a robot army and attacked the North. They called themselves the Horde. You won’t say that they didn’t have a good reason, seeing that the North was kidnapping innocent people and using them as slaves. The North fought back. They called themselves the Alliance, for the Alliance had to band together to survive. You were originally from the South. The war has raged on for about twenty years.

Right now you are in the South. You are searching for the Sphere. The Sphere is a time machine. It is the only thing that can help you end the war.

Suddenly it happens: a robot killer jumps from the fog. You must have a North-like scent, seeing as you were just in the North, trying to find information on the Sphere. You hide behind a tree, but the robot simply blasts it apart with a grenade. You run. You find a pine tree, and cover yourself in pine so your scent changes.

You continue walking forward when you see it: the Sphere! It’s a perfect ball of metal, sitting there in a clearing. A giant stand holds it up. You walk inside the Sphere when it hits you. You have no idea how to use this thing. Luckily, there are three switches with dates on them. You must choose which switch to pull…

Young Adult
January 9
The Phoenix Inquirer
Charlie Szwartz