City of Storms City of Storms
Book 1 - Nightmarked

City of Storms

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Publisher Description

**Winner of the 2022 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal for Magic & Wizardry!** 

A city simmering with repressed urges…

A fallen angel bent on chaos… 

And a conspiracy that could destroy them all.

Can one woman harness her own psychic power to stop it? 

In a world with three layers of ever darker magic, few dare to wield the most dangerous. And those who try can fall prey to violent madness.

The Church keeps a tight leash on its citizens. It tests every child for psychological deviancy. 

If you pass, you're given a Mark. A tattoo that lets you use the ley power—and shields you from your most primal desires.

For the lucky ones, the world is at their feet. The rest suffer a life of menial jobs and hopelessness. 

When tarot reader Kasia crosses paths with a young priest who hunts deviants, her own ugly secret is dragged into the light. Will they learn to trust each other in time to stop a greater evil from corrupting their world?

You’ll love the first book in this epic fantasy series because the lush weaving of intrigue, action and slow-burn romance will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Get it now.

Praise for City of Storms

“Richly textured and fabulously conceived. Ross drapes a tense political thriller in a trench coat of dark fantasy. Readers should expect the unexpected.” –Kirkus Reviews

“A masterpiece of magical fantasy which mixes its unique concepts into the darkest psychology of the human mind and its most base physical desires and emotions. Action, excitement, and darkness in all the right places. An unmissable and original read.” –K.C. Finn for Readers Favorite 5 Stars

"I’m not prone to bouts of effusiveness but I couldn’t gush enough about Kat Ross’s books, I enjoy them so much. This one has a Slavic feel, which was really interesting to me, and I loved the rainy city of Novostopol (also the map illustration is gorgeous). Added to the unique setting and fantasy elements are Ross’s usual mix of great characters, a twisty-turny plot, romance and a touch of humour. I already can’t wait for Book 2!” –Evelyn, Goodreads reviewer

"I loved the setting, which is technologically advanced yet progress is suppressed - it gave it a 1930's noir feel. I'd compare it favourably to the 'tsarpunk' of the Grishaverse. Relatable characters and fast-paced and well-thought-out action drive this story along and have me eagerly awaiting the sequel." –A. Adler, Goodreads

A rousing adventure [and] skillful fusion of history, fantasy, and religion. It contains word paintings with arresting beauty and a three-dimensional character that is torn between duty and loyalty. I definitely recommend City of Storms for its unique twists, turns, and brilliant storyline.” –Vincent Dublado for Readers Favorite, 5 Stars

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 23
Kat Ross

Customer Reviews


City of Storms

This is an amazing book. The author has an incredible imagination. The magic is new and the reimagined world is creative. The characters are interesting and the feel of the world invokes a period in the 40s. And at the same time you are living in the future.

I received an advance review copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Ri.anne.h ,

Amazing read

A fantastic mystery in a dark and creative world. Highly recommend!

dubeau57 ,

City of storms

The best book I’ve read in a long time .
You can’t decide who’s the good guys and who’s the bad guys.
Plots and twists abound.

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