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Growing up poor on the rough side of Indiana didn’t make my life easy. It made it hard. My mom worked two jobs and didn’t have time to read me many fairy tales. We couldn’t afford the princess costumes or the trips to expensive magic kingdoms. My life was black and white, and a hint of grey was the most I had to look forward to…until I met Zachary Rostov—tall, beautiful, with a perfect smile. Unfortunately, as with most stories, ours had to come to an end. 

When I turned nineteen, after escaping the soul-sucking pit of Indiana, one bad decision almost destroyed everything. The way my story had been written up to that point meant my dreams of more should have come to an end. But it was the same day I met Vincent Jamison, and if my life were a fairy tale, he would have been the prince who had come to save me. I don’t remember in any of those stories being saved coming with a debt.

April 29
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Portia Moore

Customer Reviews

amymichelle2 ,

A must read!

This was one of the best books I’ve read in a while. It hooks you right from the first few pages and continues leaving you wondering and wanting more as it switches from past to present, each chapter ending abruptly with a cliff-hanger. I’m used to this writing style from Portia Moore, however the addition of M. James made it even better!

The characters are well developed and relatable - i’ve never felt so many emotions while reading a book! I went from happy to frustrated in a matter of pages. The ending is satisfying, yet it has you craving the release of book 2.

shortnsweet_CM ,


Fantastic!! Loved the book from beginning to end. A rollercoaster that is so compelling. Thanks Portia!

Sumgirl ,

Could not stop reading

I’m a huge Portia Moore fan! I love her writing style & this one with co author M. James does not disappoint! It sucks you in deep just like her other books! Great characters & plot development. I love the style this one is written in & how much it plays with your emotions!! #claimed

I will be recommending this book to all friends I hear looking for new reads! Highly recommend it!!

It will be torture waiting for the next book to come out!!!!!!!

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