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They are not of this world, and we are not of theirs. And yet, for some reason we have chosen to meet somewhere in between. What were we both thinking?
Within these pages are twenty-one short fictions involving meetings between beings who refer to each other as alien. Whether you’ve suffered through your own invasion, or experienced a probing abduction, we trust you will find something of interest in these Close Encounters of the Weird Kind.
Included in this collection:
Breathing is Overrated
A man abandoned in space engages in a symbiotic relationship
See Miss Ribo try to keep her students from getting the wrong ideas in biology class.
My Brother’s Keeper
A space traveler contends with the backwards philosophy of some brown-robed brethren as he tries to rescue his brother's spirit.
Saturday He Fed the Cat
A westie tries her darnedest, but learns that sometimes a dog’s life just isn't fair, no matter what planet you're on.
Cannabis Alienus ‘alien dope’
Space slugs arrive in a corn field, and an unapologetic pot-head smokes something he shouldn’t.
Devilish aliens try to create a hell on earth.
Gladius has served his owners faithfully since his abduction, but is he truly willing to settle for his lot?
The Sheila Wulf Chitinoid SessionsHas Sheila Wulf wasted her 15 minutes of fame on a tribe of uncooperative crabs.
Is it better not to see the alien horrors around you?
Dempsey’s Debut
Abducted by alien mantises for entertainment, Jack Dempsey tries not to become part of the Krills' warped mating ritual.
The last unmodified man stands trial for preserving his own life over that of a superior being. When did we become the aliens?
Riding the DevilA western town attempts to escape from their alien abductors.
Quiet!What if there was life on the moon, but Apollo 17 didn’t know how to listen?
The Unreliability of the Mature Mind
Can alien mind control work on someone who can’t control their own mind?
Burial Details
An old farmer scraping by after the Sahrian invasion buries his most precious treasures to hide them from their alien "salvation“.
Bugging Out
A lonely, cantankerous shopkeeper struggles to keep what’s left of his world away from other-worldly insects.
The all-conquering Veratis meet some unreal resistance on Earth; on this world, appearances may be everything.
Finding Sanctuary
Giant alien spiders - how can you go wrong?
Flee Markets
Samantha has a chance encounter with an off-world merchant.
The Pipes
An unexpected infestation of more alien slugs.
Thank You for Your Interest in XenCorpSome companies only off-shore – consider off-worlding!

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 27
William Mangieri
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